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While Mental Wealth collaborates with other professionals that fit our vision from time to time we are really a small core team preferencing the individualized and personalized touch that this provides.

Eric Harris

(MA (Clin. Psych))

Consultant, Coach, Psychologist & Project Manager

Eric has been privileged to enjoy a rich, diverse personal journey. He is a Clinical Psychologist by training having worked as a lecturer, clinician and trainer. He has run a private practice, started and supported various NGO’s and has had substantial experience working in the corporate environment.  

Across the span of his career, Eric has worked offshore as a diver, supervisor and deck foreman, rapidly rising to Project Management and then taking on executive roles in multinational companies, based in the Middle East.

Eric has always sought new skills and learning, formalizing his business experience with post graduate studies while keeping up to date with developments in psychology and organisational practice.

These experiences and skills place him perfectly to provide a rich Coaching platform for personal, career and leadership issues.

Eric is exited to bring his psychology, corporate and leadership experience to his practice as a coaching partner, he is not just another self styled ‘coach’. Eric never relies on pre-packaged experiences or clever questions, he always works authentically from where his client actually is, to where they want to be.

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Gill Smulders


Educational Consultant, Language Coach, Events Consultant

Gill Smulders is a high school teacher by training with a specialty in English as a second language. She has also spent ten years working in the business world as a  restaurateur and business owner during which time she continued to work and train second language English speakers. Gill has also worked extensively with youth development programs across a diverse cultural spectrum. More recently Gill has worked as a teacher and coach in an international environment, assisting with a broad range of needs from school readiness through to English coaching in the workplace. Gill is at the centre of all Mental Wealth’s Training, English Teaching and English Coaching to Individuals, Small Business and Corporates.

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Sarah Harris

COO, Events Consultant, Social Media Consultant and media producer, tutor.

Sarah is at the core of of Mental Wealth’s internal operations, management and events support.

She has build substantial experience in the delivery of events in the fashion and modelling industry in Bahrain – delivering successful projects from vision to execution. Her projects range from photo shoots and fashion shows to trade and marketing events.

Sarah is also a native of the social digital age and excels in providing media visibility, in todays vibrant market.

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