Services @ Mental Wealth

Invest in yourself and your people.

At Mental Wealth we believe that the most valuable commodity is people.

Let us work with you to refine your vision and grow your resources.

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Coaching @ Mental Wealth

Coaching as a professional service has gained traction far beyond its beginnings in the executive suites of major companies.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” (

This is centrally a statement about our Mental Wealth, about being the best that we can be and living a life that is authentic to our own values and vision.

Mental Wealth coaching is always about this commitment to growth, whether we are dealing with life, wellness, mental health challenges or career and professional environments. This is often hard work and requires commitment. It’s worth it. 

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Educational Support @ Mental Wealth

We provide online and in person Educational Support Services. We provide educational support for students of all ages, and specialise in Second Language English Support. We also offer school level educational support for additional subjects. Our team is composed of qualified and experienced teachers and tutors, who are ready to assist you as your further your educational journey!

You can read more about our Educational services here.

Corporate @ Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth offers direct management support in projects and events as well as Employee Assistance Programs.

The Mental Wealth team share substantial experience in managing projects and events, from large construction to events and personalised team building.

We can assist with the efficient management of your event leaving you to focus on your vision.

Our approach emphasises clarifying your vision and working to ensure that all of the operational, budget and scheduling details are executed.

Find out about the different sectors of Corporate support we offer here.

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