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Are you ready to take a more active role in designing your life and career?

Coaching as a professional service has gained traction far beyond its beginnings in the executive suites of major companies as people and companies recognise the value of investing in being the best they can be.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” (

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Mental Wealth coaching is always about commitment to growth, whether we are dealing with life, wellness, mental health challenges or career and professional environments. This is often hard work and requires commitment. It’s worth it. 

Life, Wellness & Mental Health

Life and Wellness Coaching is focused on the whole person, on designing and pursuing the life you want. We focus on resources and vision, not problems and deficits. This may involve work-life balance, relationships or seeking a life that is authentic and value driven. It may involve a commitment to healthier living and greater activity and exploration. What is your vision?

Mental Health Coaching brings the coaching model to managing the effects of mental health challenges in people’s lives and careers. This work does not replace therapy or other treatments but starts with the real effects of mental health on a person’s lived experience, and partners with them to create more satisfying lives despite the challenges they may be experiencing.


Career Coaching with Mental Wealth focusses on choices and decisions. We will identify your preferred path and how to best prepare yourself to achieve this. Career coaching might involve young persons’ making their first choices regarding school subjects, or persons negotiating decisions or challenges at work, or people considering change in their working journey.

If you are ready to chart your own course coaching is for you.

Executive & Leadership

Functioning as an executive is about leadership in a dynamic environment. Leading involves detailed attention to both your teams and services and your vision and strategy. Leading effectively requires very high levels of self knowledge and flexibility, it requires that you bring your best self everyday.

Coaching is a powerful partnership ensuring you take the time to properly reflect and plan but also to ensure that you get proper feedback and hear the truth about your leadership impact and style.

Ready to invest in yourself?

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