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English Second Language Coaching

English Second Language Coaching, English Second Language Conversation sessions and English writing editing and proof reading all fall under English Coaching.

English Second Language Coaching – These lessons are intended for more advanced second language English students. We aim to assist students in continuing the improvement of their English and develop their English fluency in professional settings tailored to their needs. 

English Second Language Conversation Sessions – English Conversation sessions are less intensive sessions, focusing on English Conversation and English Language comprehension. These are less structured sessions.

English Writing and Proof reading – We can assist by proof reading English texts, and providing clear track changes of updated we feel need to be made to improve fluency and correct any grammatical errors.

School and School Readiness Support.

Homework support in the following categories:

Junior and Middle School Homework Support.

Junior and Middle School Project Support.

Junior and Middle School Maths and Physics private tuition.

We provide English Second Language Lessons for Children of all ages and English Fluency Lessons. These lessons can be tailored to assist you in specific areas where you look to improve.

School readiness Support and courses. We host varying summer and school readiness courses, contact us on details about specific courses available to you now.

English Second Language Lessons

English lessons for all ages and levels. This is a one-to-one English lesson, held over Skype or in person. The lesson will be structured around your English Improvement Goals.

We offer Mental wealth Lesson structures in packages of 5 lessons or 10 lessons, lessons are priced differently depending on the category they fall under. Mental Wealth Proofreading is offered in packages of 5000 and 10,000 words edited.

We look forward to supporting you in your educational Journey!

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