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Mental Wealth offers dedicated and effective management of the events back office, leaving you to focus on your vision. We offer operational and logistics support to bridge the gap between vision and planning to a successful event.

We also provide hands on and on- the-ground management to ensure your event meets its objectives – in its vision and business case.

We can be with you for every step of the way, managing the event logistics from start to finish, or take over of specific tasks that you would prefer to delegate. Our level of involvement is tailored to you.

Be it social events, corporate gatherings and seminars or Entertainment, we will ensure a professional presentation.

Leave us with all the busy, behind the scenes work. Watch as we make your vision come true.

Project Management Support

Using a Project Methodology in even medium sized activities and services brings significant benefits. Mental Wealth is able to provide Project Management integration and support, ensuring the ongoing alignment of your strategy, goals and operations. 

Mental Wealth might provide Project Management personnel or offer a consulting service to support the planning, integration, execution and control of your project components towards a successful project conclusion.

Ensure that your projects are not only on time and under budget but that they also deliver value to your business strategy more broadly.

Employee Assistance Programs

Mental Wealth partners with companies to provide Coaching and Counseling support to their employees.

It is well established that stress, personal, family and mental health issues significantly damage productivity and engagement at work. This is a direct drain on the bottom line.

 Making focused support available to your teams is a cost effective means of maintaining productivity while at the same time showing, practically, that people ARE the company’s greatest resource.

Companies can also access Coaching for their talented personnel, leaders, and teams to improve productivity and strategic vision.

Assistance with English Coaching and Career Coaching in support of fast tracking diversity in corporations is a specific area that the Mental Wealth team can facilitate – turning diversity and local content requirements from a challenge to a massive comparative advantage and resource.

Interested in a corporate service?

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